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Why us?
WM Agency is developing rapidly and is always up to date with the trends of the digital world, we know exactly what works


SMM: Social Media Management

  • Social media feed design (individual design) development and selection of visuals
  • Administration of Instagram / Facebook / Vkontakte and other channels – full support and maintenance
  • Targeting Ads (official Instagram and Facebook advertising)
  • Copywriting (write, create and publish text for our clients)

Writing articles, posts, content for websites, product descriptions, reports

Writing texts in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian – exclusively by native speakers

Development of websites and online stores

We thoroughly audit your business, develop the concept and structure of the website, write sales texts and set the emphasis on the important parts.

– Create Landing Page
“About Us” Landing Page
Company website (corporate)
Web technical support

Contextual advertising set up

Search engine advertising, pr and affiliate networks, retargeting, banner and text ads, local and mass campaigns, quick links, business cards, add-ons, etc. We use all the tools of contextual advertising as much as possible, so that the cost of attracting a client is as low as possible.

– advertising in Yandex Direct

– advertising in Google Adwords

– advertising in Google KMC-comprehensive promotion in social networks

– advertising and promotion in Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Mytarget

Graphic Designing and Branding

  • Logo development
  • Corporate identity development
  • Business card development
  • Booklet/cover design
  • Checklist design
  • Packaging design and any other design based on your wishes


Professional photo / video shooting of goods / items

Corporate Photo/Video Shooting

Individual shooting in the studio or on the street

Online courses

  • Consultation of a marketing specialist
  • Intro to SMM
  • Intro to Targeting
  • Marketing webinars
  • Mentorship